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Kansai Aozora Project

One smile for all smiles


Kansai Aozora Project (KAP) is the international volunteer group of students. We are aiming at the protection of the life and improvement of basic living in the Developing countries.


Kansai Aozora Project is carrying out creating the society where children can live peacefully and healthy, and receive education, additionally, reporting the facts of developing countries in Japan.



Washing Hands with Soap


Hand washing with soap for smiles?

This is the common custom in Japan to wash hands with soap, however not in Cambodia, especially in village area. 



Lack of water sanitation and  hygiene education affect the health of children. Diarrhea is a second leading cause of death among children in cambodia. We can save their life with simple practice of washing hands with soap. 



We are teaching how to wash hands with soap and effects of it for their health and smiles with the unique and exciting way, such as hand washing song, make a big picture story show and quizes.

New project


Making more people happy and healthy.  

In order to approach the actual needs depending on generation, area, or problems, new projects are now starting. 

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